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The Presentation

Bill Hargenrader Speaker
Leadership, Innovation, and Overcoming Adversity

Bill gives keynotes, presentations, and training sessions across a wide array of topics from the future of technology to personal development and often fuse the two, showing how technology can help us track and improve our businesses or enhance the development in our lives, be it physical, emotional, spiritual and everywhere in between.

Bill uses a blend of humor, facts, physicality, and personal story to drive points home, whether it be to give your company a boost it needs to increase sales, or to show your organization’s constituents an example of how they can get themselves out of a deep rut through love, forgiveness, and never giving up.

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Here’s What Others are Saying

“Bill Hargenrader is genuine and his zest for life is contagious. You can feel that he is authentic and you want to hear what he has to say.  He can show you what it takes to overcome life’s biggest obstacles because he has done it.  If you are struggling, don’t miss any opportunity to hear this man speak…  you will be forever impacted by his story.”
Donna Harnett, Owner at Give Send Connect

“Bill has an amazing, vulnerable and heartfelt story to tell that will make you think twice about how you’re approaching your life and business. He is one of the rare few individuals I know who demonstrates what it is to REALLY walk the walk.”
Michael Rozbruch, Founder at Michael Rozbruch’s Tax and Business Solutions Academy

“The best part of Bill’s presentation was explaining an interesting and complicated issue in the simplest and most clear way. In my opinion every person related to Information Security can benefit by Bill’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and communication style.”
Maria Evangelopoulou, Doctoral Student at the University of Glasgow

“This presentation by Bill Hargenrader was very captivating, informative, and introduced to the audience using great examples, slides, scenarios and events. I guarantee that you will not only stay awake, but also start brainstorming new approaches to solve your challenges.”
Fidel Deforte, Information and Communications Technology Manager City of Cape Coral, Florida

“Each time I hear Bill share his story of how he was sent to a mental institution for a crime he did not commit, twice, and how he found the strength to overcome the situation (and his darkest times) to choose to become the hero in his life, I not only get inspired to show up even more in my own life, it makes me even more aware of how I easily judge and blame my own children.  

It reminds me to listen even more full heartedly, seek the truth and most importantly to be more compassionate, loving, understanding and chose to forgive. I know that his story can help many including youth, parents or guardians, young entrepreneurs, and those incarcerated (innocent or guilty of their crimes). This is a true message of perseverance, survival and life. Thank you Bill for sharing so vulnerability and truthfully.”   Kimberly A. St-Laurent, Founder, KAST Consultation