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Why Hire Daniele?

Daniele Hargenrader, founder of Diabetes Dominator Coaching, is a Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer, Consultant and International Keynote Speaker.

Daniele was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 9, and lost her father to heart disease 3 years later. After battling for over 8 years with a binge eating addiction, obesity, clinical depression, and out of control blood sugars, she has taken herself from obese and suffering with diabetes, to joyful, grateful and healthy with diabetes.

Now she guides people to think, eat, and move intuitively in order to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable through her repeatedly proven Six Pillars of Total Health system of cultivating the practices and powers of self-love, choice, and community.

Daniele speaks regularly to audiences of both healthcare & business professionals, and patients alike, on the topics of navigating sustainable change (both for self-use, and for facilitating sustainable change for others), intuitive and holistic healthcare practices, productivity, living a fulfilling life with chronic illness, the crucial role self-love and self-care play with all types of diabetes and other chronic disease management, how the conscious and intentional use of empathy from healthcare professionals change patient outcomes for the better, nutrition (from basic to advanced), cooking, fitness, motivation, and most general areas of health and wellness – mind, body, and spirit. All presentations are tailored to serve the outcome of the presenting organization.

What Leaders Are Saying

Everyone was thrilled with Daniele’s presentation. Many of the nursing students made a point to come up to me afterwards to tell me how impactful it was. Daniele made it easy for me to ensure the theme of our event was being delivered with enthusiasm and expertise.

Mary Wombwell, Coordinator RN-BSN Program, Holy Family University

If every single person would apply Daniele’s life-changing wisdom, millions of lives would be improved, billions of dollars would be saved, and the face of health in America would be entirely transformed.

Dr. Jody Stanislaw, ND, CDE Living with Type 1 Diabetes, Author

Daniele’s genuine enthusiasm and energy make her one of our most popular speakers, and she has been back by popular demand for several years now!

Victoria Benyo, Program Director, Camp Nejeda Foundation

Presentation Video Clips


Keynote Intro: The Evolving Mindset of the Patient with Diabetes

Mindset of Choosing Motivation: Finale!

Family Week Community Talk at Camp Nejeda

Keynote: We Have To Work Together Better: Healthcare Providers and Patients

Mindfulness Talk on Self Worth: 

My Most Requested Speaking Topics


Mindful Leadership Series

Everyone is a leader. Whether you’re leading yourself through a rough day, or leading a team toward accomplishing a goal (or both), self-care undeniably enables you to serve at a much higher level with intensely improved clarity and confidence, and feel less stress while doing so. Your team will learn how the self-care practice of mindfulness brings peace of mind in stressful times, as well as enables you to make better decisions overall leading to improved outcomes in all areas that will quickly translate into major improvements in leadership in the workplace.

From Obese to Athlete with Chronic Disease – Turning Adversity into Advantage

A type 1 diabetes diagnosis at 9 years old hit our family like a ton of bricks. The lessons learned from diagnosis forward, including coping with the sudden death of my father which fueled years of clinical depression, a binge eating disorder and obesity are shared, and become valuable teaching points on the massive impact of how one’s perspectives, priorities, and practices truly shape their experience of all aspects of day to day life. Your team will learn the life-changing power of conscious and intentional mental and emotional conditioning, how to un-condition old, negative habits and re-condition new, empowering practices.

  • How to Sustain Motivation 
  • Access the Untapped Power of Millennial Enthusiasm 
  • Leverage the 5 Critical Emotional Intelligence Factors

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